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Agender asexual

I came out as non-binary for the first time ever this week. I told my psychologist that I've never really...

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Stiffler and perfect articulation about agender people! How is that an advantage? Sort of like using an asterisk to broaden a computer search. Asexual, aromantic, and agender. Nice to see you here!

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I'm Agender (Gender Tag) - Online Hookup

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One of top mistakes I see on a daily basis is the presumption that an agender person must also be asexual. That is not true. Stiffler on Autostraddle, or to have a great article about agender people. Secondly, truscum are indeed trans women too. Why does anyone identify as the gender they do? A lot like bisexuals as mentioned I think non binary trans people get it from both sides.

I mean, they sound a lot alike, right?

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2. No, I Don’t Have The Decoder Ring To Gender

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  1. While the identity is easily summed up in a sentence or two see above , the concept is where most people seem to get lost.

  2. okay. funny video. I guess I'll nerver be period positive. It stinks, it's annoyins. really if it didn't exist I would definitly be happier!

  3. Meagan and Jeremiah, both 25, class themselves as asexual and say they have no sexual feelings or desires towards each other or anyone else.

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