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Sasha jamaica

Monday, March 13, It has been certified platinum in Australia 70, and platinum in Sweden 40, On the singles charts globally, I Would Like peaked at number...

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Sasha jamaica
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  • Weh dem up to: Fans still in love with ‘secular’ Sasha | Entertainment...
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  • Christine Chin (born ), better known by her stage name Sasha, is a Jamaican...

Sharing her testimony, Sista Sasha said she has proven God so many times that she has stopped counting. God knew I didn't need that money then, so He saved it for the right time," she said. Last month, she released a single that has a bit of a dancehall flavour called Mighty , along with the music video which, she said, is also doing well on digital platforms.

Lastly, read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Born in Kingston , Jamaica, she was raised in Brooklyn. The gospel singer, who turns 44 on November 25, is the single mother of three children who are musically inclined - but interested more in taking on the secular scene. Now, as Sista Sasha, she has just released Break Free, her debut gospel album.

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  1. I suppport this cause. And I admire you for using your voice and influence to educate the ignorant and support those who have been victimized.

  2. Christine Chin born , [2] better known by her stage name Sasha , is a Jamaican musician, deejay and dancehall recording artist, presently recording gospel music under the name Sista Sasha.

  3. Walking away from the secular stage was something that was planted in her heart a long time ago.

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