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Physics valentines day cards

Or just the opposite? Express how you feel with physics-inspired Valentines—and anti-Valentines—courtesy of symmetry. And—because we live in a universe that contains both matter...

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  • Choose your favorite Physics Valentines design from our huge selection...
  • Fantastic Physics Valentines You Can Use To Woo | Popular Science
  • Express how you feel with physics-inspired Valentines—and anti-Valentines— courtesy of symmetry. One of these cards will be...
  • Show your affection with physics valentines Valentine's Day is upon us. Illustration of valentine's card "Your love is like...
  • Have a Physics Valentines - or Anti-Valentines
  • Dean Burnett: Very few Valentine's cards are aimed at science enthusiasts, so here are some designs...
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A beautiful sunrise of a black sun on another planet. Computer Science Garrison Dean created science fiction valentines for io9 last year, including this creepy sentiment from HAL Medicine Sheila at Cheeky Magpie made a variety of valentines in the shape of an anatomically correct heart. How much do you really know about dark matter? And not just any chocolate, mind you, but good-quality chocolate, with a creamy, silky-smooth texture, a firm but shiny structure, and an even, rich consistency and taste throughout.

One of these cards will be a smashing success:

Behavioral Psychology Alex at Neatorama set out to represent the scientists who had not been enshrined in valentines in Friedman's collection. Some scenes and character behaviours are different from the way I read them in play. Chemistry Not to be outdone, Jack of Science made up a collection of valentines that used scientific puns , like this one that illustrates capsaicin.

If you seek to rekindle or extinguish a romance with someone intrigued by the invisible elements of the cosmos, such as the yet-to-be-discovered dark matter, one of these cards might do the trick:. Fate lines, Draco thought. The result was a display worthy of any 7th grade science fair project , complete with a graph of his results.

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