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Fx krystal 2019 dating sites

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USA4EVER: The guy from chile didn't had that strong of an accent and his voice wasn't that deep, but I personally LOOOOOVE chilean accent, I frequently joke around with my bff sayin I'll one day go to chile and get a husband xD (I'm from mexico)

Julia Walters: So Israeli women are the best when they like you but they can be irritating (eye hav a buoyfrund if they don't like you

Un Om Alb: The sexiest portuguese spoken is in ilha da madeira

Alenschi YT: U know u r dating a Chinese when she masturbates to your wallet lol

Margarita: Can do you a clothing style vs because the European side wears more black, and idk of that's true or not

Brenden Louis: Liked the video, then i saw the ad in front of it and i thought it was extremely sexist towards men. Women can be douchebags too.


Diego Cifone: Can you make video about meeting women in Saudi without get beheading?

Dorakos: Your dating a Communist

Manuel Dias: You know your dating a german woman when.she tells you

Music Power: I'd love one of these about italian men. I know there is one about italian women, but I'd love a you know you are dating an italian man when. one.

Chun Wei Hsu: I can't really make myself an opinion by watching a video. Then here I am without really knowing what to think. I'm Argentinian by the way. Living abroad.

CUTE MATURE PERFECT BODY BLONDE SEXY MILF 151 Emilia clarke and kit harrington dating emilia

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SM Entertainment Confirms EXO's Kai And f(x)'s Krystal Are Dating - CLEO Singapore

Anton Tonchev: I'm from england and this is not what most of our girls are like. this is chavvy essex girls who no one likes.

Papa Jackson: UK France and China are the most attractive. I'm an American and I think our beauty standard sucks. I also like Russian and Japanese beauty standards

Man Tanha: Ah. os italianos! Quase iguais aos brasileiros. *-*

Commissaress: No Geordie accent? what the fuck

Jason Moretti: Not where im from, you'd get punched in the face as im from manchester, you wouldnt be wrong.

Chelsae Lin: This is point on point what it's like literally

Haya Sharaf: Duude look at her shnotz

Limalimalolo: Forgot about the Welsh you daft cunts.

KimmyL1977: Where can I get one?

Nancy V: If you see the guy doesn't open just open the door and get in,don't wait

FeelTheGroove: Omg 3 3 I love it!

Lindsay L: What The hack dude! Danish People's love talk to strangers!

Fx krystal 2019 dating sites

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  1. On April 1, a representative from the label told news outlet OSEN that Kai and Krystal have recently developed good feelings toward each other after being friends.

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