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Dating indian spear points

Arrowheads and Artifacts on this page are from the earliest of the time periods. Arrowheads and Artifacts on this page date back to...

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If we don't have the relics you are looking for then let us know. To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed. Back to the Archaeology Collection. Identify the material the arrowhead is made out of if you don't know the region it came from. I was awakened to this as a young man by Mr. I feel it is important enough to add this to the home page.


South Georgia Man Has Prolific Arrowhead Collection - Hookup

Identify the location where the arrowhead was found. We are simply the middleman between the buyer and seller. This section contains artifacts and arrowheads such as Dovetail, Kirk, Benton, Pin tree and other related artifacts specific to the Archaic time period which lasted for over years.

The knowledge I picked up from this good man defines the criteria I use today in evaluating a relic whether it be a boatstone, knife, spear point, birdstone, gorget, or whatever the relic may be.

One major characteristic of the Archaic Period was the introduction of "notching" to the arrowheads and since the period covers such a broad time span, more different "types" of arrowheads can be attributed to this era than any other. To date artifacts most accurately, archaeologists need the context in which artifacts lie in the ground to be undisturbed. Shoulders are horizontal, tapered or barbed and form sharp angles.

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How to Identify Arrowheads | Synonym

Nice Large Lot of Arrowheads! Artifacts and Tools on this page date back to all the time periods. References Missouri Archaeological Society: I encourage everyone to get a stereoscope, learn to identify mineral deposits and to distinguish real from artificial, and build a library.

We have Ancient Indian artifacts of all types and we sell affordable authentic ancient Indian arrowheads, Native Indian artifacts, tools and projectile points from all four prehistoric time periods.

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  3. Many years ago when all fluted points were called Folsom, before archaeologists began to identify other forms, the literature available to the collector was sparse at best.

  4. Native Americans designed many different arrowheads — about 1, types are on record — and much can be determined about an arrowhead if you have simple information like the material it's made of, where you found it and its shape and design.

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