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Vill wannarot and mark prin and kimberly dating

Discussion in ' ' started by dertaajaf , Feb 16, Log in or Sign up. Vill looks odd, Mark looks adorable as...

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Vill wannarot and mark prin and kimberly dating Jason Wynne: Also the girl who spoke polish is clearly Polish-American, and she butchered the pronounciation. We don't sound like that at all.

Geo Skan: Don't date or marry the ho that you fuck on vacation.

William Helm: Cows piss drinkers.dick worshipers mallu indians never understand.

Nuno Lopes: The Persian one is so true lol. every time we visit family over there I see girls with bandages on their nose everywhereeee. They even wear them past when they can take them off. And everyone always compliments my nose by telling me, it looks like you've had a nose job! lol. They really do got a nose obsession.

Rafavolto: Well. That depends of the man voice.

Burgerbitch.: I'm Canadian french, and the french person was definitely not a native french speaker. Barely understandable


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