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Mona hawght

Writer: JackJohnson When it nighs to declaration loophole more nearby penny stocks, do you be read the stow to start. A salubrious inside...

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OLD, why did she bother responding?

Michaela King: You know you're dating a Greek woman when she has no money

Viktor Krum: Please make a video about you know you are dating a Spanish man

Manuel Rincon: Do one with Danish

Uwwalon: This fucking cunt is uglier than a witch, and I am a romanian. And I think that this video is not accurate . but whatever

Garrett Orr: I was born in russia. and i disagree

Islam Benfifi: I don't understand how sex happens without flirtation *. Is it like that in other Scandinavian countries? Or let's say Nordic?

VCRider: What do you mean you guys don't take 4/5 showers a day? Yet they call us 3rd world

Mad Buddhist: They never try romanian .

Art Luv: They were both good!

Mermaid Meaw: Sudden wealth, stable employment, Maybe you do not believe in this huh? Be careful, the occult world exists and my powers as

Tene Bris: Besides the weather which ,stupid or not is the most important factor for me I could never adapt to that kind of people.

Jennie Fox: DO You know you are dating a Nepalese Man/Woman

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Brandon Ayala: Jajajaja so funny, good video!

Cool Vicky: The Filipino women I have met are nosey and like to know your business, brag, and gossip. annoying and loud. they take selfies and photos of food before eating it. and they are bitchy and rude when it comes to white women . so I avoid them

Martin Hoch: Takes notes in case brother dates brazilian woman*

Tremor Rica: Great work Marina you deserve it :)

Paula G: Pleasssssse do dating American Woman. I would love to show my boyfriend in Italy.

Yousef Gaber: AHaha the french one and the cigarette, the only one who dont care about it

Rogerrramjet1: I'm from switzerland and the biggest question is always. are you rich?

Mila Na: Great actress :)

Eva Alexandra: I must admit the one about English people obsessed with tanning is true for me a bit.

Rolex Rozario: This was the worst French pronunciation I've ever heard in my entire life.

Beauchee: And you didnt hear Slovakian yet :D

Myrtymine: Couldn't you guys have chosen a better chinese dish? I mean c'mon the century egg? That tastes bad you could've given them a sesame ball or something.

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Mona hawght
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