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I am outgoing and like to communicate with people. I think communication is also a voice. Let's start to adulthood I like real family not plastic.

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Paola Diaz: All true except about that being one of the guys stuff. I have dated extensively in Canada and have found that to be pretty rare. Don't even think about being sexist though. That wont fly in Canada and that part of the video is very true. In Canadian cities it helps being black. Many Canadian women love black guys. It makes them feel very liberal and enlightened.

Summer J: Thanks for the info, I will definitely ask my Russian lady friend if she likes Bowls.

Anna Bella: OHh god you wont even wanna know what my first thought was when i saw this video LOL

Eric Briceno: That french was soooooooooo bad lmao

Ariel Love: I'm from Portugal and i think european Portuguese is sexier. But I guess that's because I grew up hearing it. Brazilian accent is cute to hear. It transmits the idea of happiness. I guess both Portugal and Brazil have that idea of happiness because of its language.

Happy Woman: This was just a bunch of false stereotypes. None of these are how grown men flirt.

Rambo Tan: In Argentina cheating is similar to Spain. I personally don't understand what makes a person cheat his partner when you can end the relationship and move on. But it's just my view. Here whether you have a serious thing or a one night stand there are not middle terms most of the time.

Pseudonyymi: I'm relly confused

Alekiki1000: The cheese and bread part made me cringe so hard

Maxime Lgt: Fucking Mangi bastards! Fuck that shit they stink look at the clothes they are wearing!

Evan Giroux: I burst out laughing at America. Even though it's not actually true, we don't say it (though sometimes think it. We say sorry I'm not interested and if that doesn't work, I have a boyfriend. And it works. And it IS actually sexist that they won't respect that a girl isn't interested, but once they realize they're treading on another man's territory they back off.

Adele M: THE HELL NO! That wasn't even Portuguese, let alone Brazilian Portuguese.

Alyssa Simone: As a german woman i find this false. that's all there is to say. bye.

Imanarchy: Do you know you're dating an American (black and white)

Xrisa Zlata: I am a young Swedish girl and I have never, never ever gotten sexual comments from any of the refuges coming here. But I have gotten sexualy harrassed by more then one Swedish guy! We are all humans and we should all believe in whatever we want to believe in, no matter where we come from or what skin color we have!

Saraguba: In the Netherlands we usually kiss three times, left cheek, right cheek, left cheek (or mouth, depends on who it is)

Peach Kiss: Men, the same story.

Belinskii: Caveat: in the middle of Canada, there are a ton of conservative Mennonites and Hitterites who run farms and thrift stores. Very nice sorts. The women among those people are MUCH more traditionally feminine. Especially when they're 6'4 expats living in Taiwan, where there aren't a lot of tall mission-minded guys to compete with you, which is getting oddly specific, but suffice to say that my experience has been significantly different then what's depicted here.

Charel Reyes: They are all beautiful. So jealous of those genetics lol

Slavic Grill: Her French was awful I couldn't understand a word and she didn't sound French at all (that's my mother tongue btw).

JoshM10: I am from Spain (and a girl and I never let anyone pay for me. I just feel bad when a guy offers. I can pay for my own things, thank you.

Sofia Barrera: So /b/tards are from Japan

EliteGaming: You Know You are Dating a Catalan/Basque/Galician/Asturian. Woman/Man When.

Carlos Weber: Ofcourse there is fucking dating where did you pull this shit from? all of this video is complete fucking bs you have no clue how things work here and ofcourse there is fucking commitment fuck nothing has made me more mad than this video in a long time


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